River Point Station has sent dealers notification of a production run of all new regular cab models of their 2008 Ford F-350 pickup truck models. We are currently offering the opportunity for you to pre-order these models; pricing is currently unknown but expected to be "comparable to most recent River Point Station production." We estimate retail price to be in the $14.00-$18.00 each range but we can't guarantee pricing until announced by River Point Station.

This production run includes four basic variations - regular cab with single rear wheels, regular cab with hi-rail setup and single rear wheels, regular cab with dual rear wheels, and an HD (heavy duty) dual rear wheel version with flared front fenders. We have photos of unpainted preproduction samples posted (check the 1/87 Scale Models section of our catalog); we will update them with painted examples as early as possible. Various Ford factory color schemes will be available and some models have wither a Type 1 or Type 2 cap. This production run also introduces new accessory packs (chrome ladder set, spare parts set, etc.) and River Point Station has confirmed there will be delivery of Type 2 caps not available earlier from the crew cab production run. Delivery is expected early summer 2015.

Our stock of River Point Station 2008 Ford F-350/450 crew cab pickup truck models has rapidly depleted. Our remaining stock pricing has been adjusted to reflect slightly lower than market (i.e., eBay) pricing to allow you who missed out at introduction to acquire some of these outstanding models before auction pricing drives them through the roof! The manufacturer is out of stock and most dealers have run out as well.

We have made a special quantity purchase of River Point Station 2007 Ford Expedition models with "Sail & Power LLC Dockside Services" paint scheme and are offering them at steep discounts for volume purchases. These are extraordinary models as can be seen in the photos and make very good customizing or kitbashing projects. We are also offering a limited number of these models that have been stripped of their paint and offered in "kit" form. If you are interested in purchasing a quantity of 10 or greater contact us for special pricing.

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